Pastel is my primary medium, all coloured drawings you see on my website are pastel drawings.

I only use high quality art materials from renowned manufacturers. When choosing my palette I focus on the colour hues offered and on their lightfastness, which is very important to create aging resistant drawings. 

My favourite pastels are Unisons, their colour palette is unique and offers a wide variety of beautiful earth tones, which are well suited for animal drawings.
I also have soft pastels of Sennelier, Terry Ludwig and BlockX in my range.

For fine details I use pastel pencils of various brands, such as Stabilo, Conté à Paris, Caran d'Ache, Derwent and Pitt Pastell. They all have a different consistency and colour palettes.

Here you can see some of my art materials.



My drawing paper is Pastelmat ® by Clairefontaine, a French manufacturer.
This paper is available in different colours. Since I've always drawn a background so far, you don't see the colour of the paper on the finished drawings anymore.

Pastelmat ® has a surface that is optimized for pastel drawings. It is somewhat rough and therefore holds the chalk well. It offers the possibility to draw in multiple layers.

I never use fixative on my pastel drawings, this is not neccessary on Pastelmat ®.
Even a fixative would not completely prevent blurring, so it is better not to use it at all, to maintaine the vibrancy of the colours.

Pastel drawings have to be framed with a mount / passepartout behind glas to prevent bluring.
I strongly recommend art glas, because it maintaines the vibrancy of the colours, reduces reflections and protects from light-aging.



Here you can gain a little insight in my way to work:

After the sketch is transferred to my drawing paper, I establish the basic layers with soft pastels and roughly lay out the background.
On top of this primer I draw multiple layers of fine details with pastel pencils to finish the drawing.