My name is Karin Kiessling, I was born in 1971  in Landau/Palatinate, in the south-west of Germany, and I still live there.


With a degree in pharmacy and 12 years of work in laboratories I was dedicated to natural sciences, before I fell ill with ME/CFS in 2007.


During this illness I found time to live my passion, painting and drawing.
As a great animal and nature lover, animals became my favourite drawing subjects.

At first I tried watercolour, and in 2014 I started drawing with charcoal and pastels and found “my” media with those two.

Since 2014 I've been drawing portraits of animals and
occasionally of people, to express the uniqueness and soul of each being.

Unfortunately, due to my severe chronic illness, it is not possible for me to participate in exhibitions.
All my energy flows into my paintings.

So far, I have shown these online, mainly via social media. This way I have reached many people who have bought my art or commissioned me to draw for them.

From 09/2016 - 12/2017 I have been a member of the Pastel Guild of Europe (PGE), those were my achievements:

1. Winner of the "Get Dusty" competition
2016/10 of the Pastel Guild of Europe with "Amur Tiger" and honourable mention of "Grey Seal"

2. Honourable mention of "Ducklings" at the "Get Dusty" competition 04/2017 of the Pastel Guild of Europe