Pastel paintings (coloured) and charcoal drawings (black and white) from reference photo


I'm looking forward to paint a portrait of your beloved animal.
This can be a pet, farm animal, or wild animal.
If you don't have reference photos of the animal, we can choose an image you like from various sources of copyright-free photos or I can buy a good reference photo.


If you need the painting, for example, as a present, at a specific date, please contact me early, because there can be a waiting period of several weeks to months.
Especially for Christmas presents it is appropriate to commission early.

You can see the approximate latency on the prices page.

Charcoal and pastel drawings have to be mounted and framed behind glass to be protected against bluring. My paintings come mounted, but without frame.


Find out what is important for good reference photos,

watch examples for reference compared to drawing,

and find out about prices.